Tell me a bedtime story


ugly boy: aye
me: 🚶
ugly boy: *grows a beard*
me: oh shit my bad I fell asleep wassup? 😍😛

Could you imagine getting an apartment with the person you love. Falling asleep beside each other, and waking up to see that cute little dopey smile they make when they first get up. You’d never have a bad start to your day, because they’d be the perfect start.

One Direction: Well Monday’s looking busy…


a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

Imam Kadhim and Imam Jawad in Kadhmain, Iraq


this video changed my life 


31st August 2014

01:40AM Pakistan Standard Time

*Calling all Islamabad residents* - 90 injured at PIMS with over 100 injured at Polyclinic Islamabad. Emergency blood donations are needed at these hospitals ASAP